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Rental websites

There's no need for you to roam the streets and check each real estate agency anymore.

Word of mouth 2.0

It has already proven its worth but thanks to social networks its action has been amplified.

Be proactive

It's when the future tenant has dug out a suitable home that the hard part starts!

Rent your own property

Rent your property and turn it into a profitable asset

Whether you own a property that you want to rent, one in which you have invested good money and want to make the most of your rental investment…or you have renovated and prepared your apartment to face tough competition from other owners but you do not know where to start? Why not place your property for rent online in order to give it optimal visibility and see what happens?

Investing in real-estate, why and how?

A real estate purchase is both a very exciting adventure and a relatively complex one! The whole process lasts several months, and involves a considerable number of interlocutors/advisors: owners, notaries, banks, etc. It is therefore necessary to ask yourself and others the right questions before engaging in such a big investment, which, in itself, is not always easy…It’s good to know that being assisted and guided by a professional in an approach as important as a real estate purchase is particularly helpful, especially as regards the legal parts. A real estate purchase can slowly become a reality. It takes time, and it is better to be ready when making your decision.

Investing in real estate

Landmarks of a real estate purchase

Real estate budget

Your dream home

Real-estate mortgage

Become the owner

Selling your real estate property

Real estate agency

Real estate agency

So, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to sell your property but you are still hesitating between doing it yourself and working with a real estate agency? You are asking yourself the following questions; is it a good idea to go through these agencies? How do they really work? And what help will they bring to the table? We help you answer these questions!

Real estate sale factors

Real estate sale factors

When a property is placed on the market, six aspects allows whether the sale would be successful or not. These factors are: the asking price, the condition of the property, its location, the marketing means put in place to attract potential buyers, the market conditions of the area where the property for sale is located and the financing possibilities for the potential buyers…

Property price

Property price

The speed with which you can sell depends largely on the starting price. If you overestimate your house or apartment price when placing it on the market you risk selling it cheaper than its true market value. Properly estimating a real estate property is the best way to maximize its value. Conduct your own survey before setting your price for the public…