Selling your property

How to conclude the sale with potential buyers?

Once you have found the potential buyer, all you need is to sell your property. Only this one (the sale) must be done in several stages and it will be finalized only with the signature of a definitive act of…

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Potential buyers: where to find them?

Finding buyers for a real estate sale is not always a simple exercise. This means setting up a real strategy beforehand, activating the right levers and choosing the best marketing orientation. Here’s how to find potential buyers and conclude your…

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Real estate investment: sell or buy first?

Sell or buy first? This is the question many landlords want to change their home. In the first hypothesis, you are afraid of not finding the apartment or the house of your dreams in time, and to be obliged to…

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Choosing the right real estate agent in five steps

These five steps to choosing a real estate agent will help you find the right agent right the first time. Follow our five simple success steps to make sure your real estate transaction goes as smoothly as possible, whether you’re…

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Emergency real estate sale, what is it exactly?

When one is preparing to sell a property, unforeseen events such as a divorce, a job loss or a death can have catastrophic financial consequences, often leading to the obligation to sell the property in a rush, sometimes at a…

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