Why renting a house for the holidays is a good idea

For many people, the word "vacation" means staying at a hotel and it's true that, on many points, life is quite easy at the hotel. But when travelling with kids, it's definitely worth considering renting a house. Why? Here are some good reasons that, perhaps, we will review the way we travel.

We go to bed at the adults’ time

At the hotel, unless we have a two-room suite, when we sleep the kids, parents find themselves ... in the dark! In a house, we can sleep children and continue our activities without waking them. In a vacation house, everyone has got a room, children in one, and parents in the other. Up to a certain age, children like to share their room, or even their bed, with siblings. They feel safer when there is a reassuring presence near them and are less likely to wake up their parents.

We have more space than at the hotel

At the hotel, you quickly get a little stuck. Between the furniture, suitcases, dad, mom and the brats, after a while we feel a little cramped, and this, despite the efforts of our maid. We add a few rainy days to our stay and we wish to have put in your suitcase the "essential": overflowing imagination and boundless patience.

We are well-equipped

Speaking of equipment, some houses offer their tenants beach chairs, beach umbrella, cooler, beach toys and other items to enhance the day. Some houses are also equipped with high chairs, parks or cribs to sleep the youngest. Car seats and other items are sometimes offered. It is worth asking in our discussions with the person in charge of the rental or with the owner. In general, people are very accommodating; the display of the rental does not always indicate all the amenities offered.

We eat better and for less

Yes, at the hotel, we have a kitchen break and that feels good. But depending on the destination, we do not always eat very well and eating at the restaurant three times a day quickly increases our "holiday bill". Having access to a kitchen does not mean that we have to spend our holidays cooking dishes. We can very well alternate between the restaurant and the house.

We live like the locals

By renting a house, we take a little root the time of our holidays. We live like the people of the place and we discover neighbourhoods, even regions. As a bonus with a house, we often have neighbours who have children! Add a body of water and your kids will make friends instantly! They do not necessarily speak the same language, but it takes more for them to refuse an invitation to the pool. After all, meeting people is so rewarding, why not start early?
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