Why you should start investing in real estate ?

British investors are looking for investments to provide for themselves in their elderly years. The UK also has extensive experience in financing large real estate projects not from banks but directly from private investors. This has created a transparent and open market, where very interesting opportunities await those who wish to invest. If you are interested in buying a house or an apartment in the UK, you can visit for-sale.com/ to have further information about the subject.

Is UK real estate investment attractive?

Today the reality worldwide is that there is a lot of money available and few attractive investment opportunities. Financial markets, oil prices and gold prices have resulted in difficult times in recent years. The French real estate market has been falling since 2012, to name just one. As a result, investors are directing a growing portion of their assets towards real estate investments. Today, the safest cities, the safe deposit boxes, are: New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. Of these four flagship cities, London is considered the most attractive city in the world by the PwC firm. It is in this context that experts estimate the number of new housing needed by 2020 at one million. And the government announced at the end of 2015 that it wants to respond to this request as a matter of priority. It is the conjunction of this very strong economic demand and the major legislative support that makes the UK conducive to real estate investment today.

Why choose the housing development in the UK?

As just mentioned, demand in the UK is particularly strong in terms of new housing. The influx of capitals into the United Kingdom also forces the government to take measures to limit the rise in prices. Thus, investors in buy-to-let, that is to say those who buy in order to hit a rental yield, have recently been penalized fiscally to avoid overheating the market. Successful investors always seek to create value. In real estate, this usually means acquiring properties for sale with high potential and transforming them with substantial work.

Why investing in real estate in London is interesting?

The purchase of a house for sale in the UK has traditionally been a profitable investment. The London real estate market is developing even more actively. After a fall in real estate prices in London from 25 to 30% in 2008, the upward trend in prices has resumed, exceeding all previous levels. Nowadays, many investors are constantly looking to purchase a property in London, which translates into a steady increase in demand. Today, the conditions are most favorable for a rental investment or a purchase for housing development purposes. Those who buy, rather than renting a property in London, save at least 200,000 euros in their lifetime. At this stage the growth of London real estate is natural for various reasons.
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