5 reasons why you should invest in real estate

Many of you believe that real estate investment is no longer good, that there are many other ways than real estate to make a fortune. You are not wrong! There are indeed many ways to prosper, to grow rich or to make a fortune, but I do not know any other investment vehicle that offers as many benefits as real estate.

Everyone needs to have a home

In the same way as feeding, clothing and sleeping, housing is an essential need of the human who will always seek to have a roof, whatever it is. As a result, the real estate market is a sector that will always be in demand.

Leverage in real estate

Here is a term we often hear in real estate: leverage. This allows you to acquire assets with little or no cash. We have already heard this expression: the money of others. The principle is very simple and even more wonderful if you borrow 100% of the funds. On social media, it is common to read that it is no longer possible to buy without cash. However, just because you've never done it does not mean it's impossible to do it. Using leverage to the maximum makes real estate investment accessible to everyone.

Real estate has always travelled through time

The greatest fortunes since the beginning of time have always included large real estate portfolios. Real estate occupies and will always occupy a large place in the economy. This is one of the pillars. Remember that everything is a question of cycle and that all that rise, will come down one day to go back again. Be patient!

Flipping can quickly replace your full-time job

Real estate flips have existed for a very long time. The principle of buying a good and reselling it at a profit is at the very heart of the trade. Applied to real estate, this will allow you to generate cash faster in comparison with the purchase of rental properties, and by the same token, could allow you a faster transition to real estate.

Because real estate is exciting

Ironically, I often meet people who are passionate about real estate but have never done so. In my opinion, they are passionate about the dream that real estate can represent. On the other hand, most of the people I meet are real passionate people. As much as they may like to visit buildings, meet sellers, negotiate, solve problems of tenants, find themselves in privileged situations that bring them extraordinary transactions, create a freedom, be their own boss, etc. There are just so many reasons that make people passionate about real estate investing. What are yours?  
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