The key points to check before renting your home

Have you just invested in an apartment with the purpose of renting it? Compulsory diagnostics, humidity level, state of interior equipment... all that must be checked in your apartment or house before the rental.

Elements of equipment and comfort to check

Before renting his/her home, the owner must ensure that it has a sufficient level of comfort: installation for normal heating, kitchen equipped to receive a cooking appliance, sink connected to a hot and cold water supplies, electrical network allowing the lighting of all rooms, equipment (windows and doors, piping, interphone ...) functioning in a suitable way, etc. When visiting the accommodation, many points will be inspected by potential tenants, starting with the level of humidity. The owners must therefore think of checking that the apartment or house does not suffer from a problem of humidity beforehand. Traces of mold on walls or ceilings, peeling wallpaper or a disturbing smell are signs that should alert the landlord.

Mandatory real estate diagnostics

The landlord must provide the tenant with decent accommodation, meeting minimum surface and comfort criteria and not compromising the tenant's safety or health. Thus, electricity and gas networks, heating equipment and hot water production must be up to standard. The landlord must annex to the lease an inventory and the 4 diagnoses required by law, starting with the State of Servitudes Risks and Information on Soils, which indicates whether or not the dwelling is in a scope of exposure to one or more risks. For its part, the energy performance diagnostic informs the tenant on the housing energy consumption. You must also make a statement of the domestic gas and electricity installation, the purpose of which is to assess the risks that may affect the safety of persons. Finally, checking the risk of exposure to lead is mandatory only if the housing was built before 1949. If lead is detected, you will be responsible for redoing the paintings to avoid any risk of intoxication. This document will be valid for 6 years!

For a furnished property rental

The furniture of the property must consist, at least of the following elements:  
  • Bedding including duvet or blanket.
  • A device for concealing windows in rooms intended to be used as a bedrooms.
  • Cooking plates.
  • An oven or microwave oven.
  • A refrigerator and freezer, or at least a refrigerator equipped with a compartment allowing having a temperature lower or equal to -6 ° C.
  • Dishes necessary for taking meals.
  • A table and seats.
  • Storage shelves.
  • Housekeeping equipment adapted to the characteristics of the property.
This list only mentions the minimum equipment to be delivered to the tenant.
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