What you need to know to become an independent real estate agent

In a context of recovery for the real estate market, becoming an independent real estate agent can be a project with great potential. Be careful though, becoming an independent real estate agent cannot be improvised.

Can I become a real estate agent without a degree?

The independent real estate agent must hold a certain qualification. In order to obtain it, you usually need to have a degree. It is however possible to obtain this qualification by justifying some professional experience. Whatever his/her career, the real estate agent must have all the qualities of a business executive!

Become an independent real estate agent: all the steps

Perform the formalities of business creation

To become an independent real estate agent, the first thing to do is to give a legal aspect to your real estate agency by creating a legal structure. This implies that you have previously chosen a legal status.

Applying for a professional real estate agent card

Once your business is created, you will need to apply for a T card to be licensed to practice your real estate business. For this you must complete and sign the administrative application form, gather the required supporting documents (in particular, a copy of your diploma or any other proof of your professional qualification) and send your dossier to the legal body.

Get a financial guarantee

This is to guarantee the financial capacity of your real estate agency. This guarantee is mandatory when you intend to manage funds on behalf of your clients. You must therefore contact an insurance company or a bank to benefit from this guarantee.

Subscribe to professional liability insurance

The real estate agent must compulsorily take out professional liability insurance to cover the financial risks, the bodily injury and the material damage related to his activity. Compare the conditions offered by the different insurances and make this last step before becoming an independent real estate agent!

Start your activity as a real estate agent and respect the regulations

Once all these steps are completed, you can start exercising your activity of independent real estate agent. Be very careful, the activity is strictly regulated!
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